Tote Bags

We make handy, stylish, and extremely durable tote bags out of both new and recycled sailcloth. Great for hauling gear to your boat, grocery shopping, or any number of other uses. The standard size is roughly 13″ tall x 15″ wide x 5″, with handles long enough to comfortably carry over your shoulder. Each tote bag has one outer 6″ x 8″ pocket for storing your keys, cell phone or other small items. If you have different ideas about the size or features of a bag you would like, please contact us to request custom items. Tote bags and other items can be purchased in person at our Bellingham shop or online through our Etsy shop.

Recycled sailcloth tote bags:

Each bag is one of a kind, incorporating features of the original sail such as original seam stitching, reef points and sail numbers. The hand-spliced handles are made out of salvaged three-strand polyester bolt rope.

If you have old sails lying around that you don’t want to throw in the trash but aren’t sure what to do with, please consider donating them and we will give them a new life as your favorite tote bag.

New sailcloth tote bags:

Made out of laminate sailcloth used in high performance racing sails. Handles are made out of 2″ black polypropylene webbing, and the bottom is reinforced with nylon cloth.